Mindfulness Challenge Day 7 Haiku -- Morning Ritual

If we truly observe ourselves mindfully, we are creatures of habit and ritual. For me one of my morning rituals includes the process of making coffee. I have resisted the urge for a Keurig type of coffee maker with its pre-filled pods of specialty coffee, because there is something so familiar and sensual to grind and smell the freshly ground beans each day. A ritual I would miss.

Morning Ritual

Dark, glistening beans
Measuring, grinding, pouring
Beginning the day

Haiku Rally #3 Morning Coffee

During the month of November I invite you to join me in composing a daily haiku -- a great way to drop into mindfulness during your day. It doesn't take long and you don't need to think of yourself as a poet or author...simply describe what you see around you--in this moment. The difficult part is parsing this down to 17 syllables.

Morning Coffee

Dark, ebony beans
 Aroma mixed into steam