Mindfulness Challenge Day 28 Haiku -- Boston Strong

As Boston emerged from an historic snowstorm, which dumped over two feet of snow in less than 24 hours over parts of Greater Boston, the resilience of its residents became apparent. A lone figure carefully and symbolically shoveled the finish line of the Boston Marathon...yes, we are Boston Strong!

Boston Strong

Only in Boston
The finish line is shoveled
We are Boston Strong

Mindfulness Challenge Day 27 Haiku -- Juno Arrives

The Blizzard of 2015, named Juno, came calling here in Massachusetts last night and predictions are it will contine to snow throughout today. The landscape looks surreal, reminiscent of scenes from the movie Dr Zhivago. I am grateful to be safe and warm inside; simply observing the magic of nature.

Juno Arrives

Blizzard called Juno
Blankets of snow cover all
Magic of nature

Mindfulness Challenge Day 26 Haiku -- Calm Before the Storm

I live in New England. In New England it snows in the winter. Sometimes it snows ALOT in the winter. Let's take a collective breath and realize that we WILL be snowed in for a few days, but we WILL dig out, and spring WILL arrive this year. Sometimes it is easier to embrace the "what is" and not fight it.

Calm Before the Storm

Calm before the storm
Preparations have been made
It is what it is

Mindfulness Challenge Day 16 Haiku --Airport Purgatory

noun: a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.

A delayed de-icing of our US Airways plane in Boston yesterday, led to missed connections for 120 passengers on our flight...no flights out until the next day, if lucky. Lines upon lines of angry, disgruntled, weary travelers...airport purgatory.

Airport Purgatory

Embracing patience
Back to the airport today
Hoping to get there

Mindfulness Challenge Day 13 Haiku -- Writer's Block

We have all been there...a deadline looming and panic sets in...how to begin, how to make sense, how to conclude...finally one has to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and accept that it will happen and will be "good enough".

Writer's Block

Deadline approaching
Hard to settle down to write
Internal struggle

Mindfulness Challenge Day 11 Haiku -- Community

Today's haiku was composed while attending a brunch for scholarship donors and scholarship recipients in our town of Concord MA. Wonderful connections were made between the generations, the givers and the receivers; the recognition that we are all both the givers and receivers. This is what makes a community.


Grateful for our town 
Embracing community
Givers, receivers