Wisdom Where You Least Expect It

I don't know about you, but I am beginning to feel myself being pushed, jostled and dragged along with the frenzied masses this holiday season.  Try as I might to step back, take a breath and be mindful, I am amazed at the cacophony of  "shoulds" and "to-do's" that seem to continuously play in my mind at this time of year.

So there I was today, at the post office, picking up mailing boxes for the presents that "should" have gone out on Monday but were still sitting in my car on Friday, when I reached into the pocket of my coat to pull out my car keys and noticed the keys were caught on a sewn-in tag in the pocket.  The coat is not a new,  it is one that I have worn each winter for the past two years, so I was surprised to find that there was a tag in this pocket, and even more surprised to look down and read the words on the tag...

Hmm, simple and direct words of wisdom, and all I really need to remember on this journey we call life..."Stay Warm. Keep Dry."  I smiled for the rest of the day at the wisdom that has quietly resided in my pocket for two years without me noticing...a wonderful reminder for me to be open to finding gifts where I least expect them, even in familiar places.