Pam Ressler's Blog Featured in Grand Rounds

In the medical world "grand rounds" refers to a time-honored ritual in which experienced physicians, interns/residents and medical students come together to present and discuss a patient, condition, or treatment before an audience.  In the blogosphere we have our own multidisciplinary Grand Rounds in which interesting and informative health care blogs are selected to be highlighted and reviewed each week. I am thrilled that my blog was one of the health care blogs selected to be featured in this week's Grand Rounds.  I am humbled to be in such great company! 

Grand Rounds March 1, 2011

Musical House Calls

The Longwood Symphony, an orchestra made up of physicians, medical researchers and health care providers, broke with their tradition of playing a large concert and instead took their music to their audience -- their patients. Dr. Lisa Wong, pediatrician and president of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra stated,“To launch this year, instead of having a concert in Jordan Hall, where we usually play for 800 to 1,000 audience members, we thought we’d bring it to the patients". This year the healer musicians were broken into several groups that spread out over Boston, visiting health centers, hospitals and elder care centers in an initiative called LSO on Call: Health and Harmony in the City. They reached a similar number of audience members yesterday, playing for a total of about 800 in nearly two dozen small concerts.
To read more about this great group of healing musicians, click here for the Boston Globe article.