Communicating the Experience of Chronic Illness Through Blogging

What does blogging have to do with communicating the experience of illness?  Quite a bit.  I have been exploring the intersection between narrative medicine, coping with illness, and blogging for my research in the Pain Research, Education and Policy Program at Tufts School of Medicine.  Blogging creates a unique and accessible way for individuals who are isolated with chronic illness to be able to express and communicate their experience beyond the medical diagnosis. It provides a way for patients to tell their story and begin to make meaning out of what has happened to them, in real time. 

I recently was interviewed by Helen Osborne, Health Literacy Out Loud, about my research on use of tools of blogging and social media in health care. If you are interested in hearing more about communicating the experience of chronic illness through blogging, I hope you will listen to my podcast with Helen by clicking here.