Let's Get to Work

Today I joined with millions of others from around the block and around the world to witness an amazing moment of hope; of picking ourselves back up, dusting ourselves off, and beginning again the remaking of America. President Obama has set before us this challenge...will we accept it? I know I am up for the opportunity to help redefine our collective vision. Will you join me in making a difference? My good friend and colleague Dr. Harvey Zarren, president of the Integrative Medicine Alliance beautifully articulated what so many of us felt today. With Harvey's permission, I share with you his words:

"Know that now a torch has been passed, turning away from fear and into
hope, turning away from coercion and into invitation, turning away from
insulation and into brotherhood, and turning away from the oppression of
privilege and into the responsibility and possibility of

The question is raised and the challenge has been
offered: can we, each of us, starting within ourselves and then in all our
relationships and all our positions, can we carry that vision forward with
courage and curiosity, persistence and humility, love and the conviction of all

Let's continue working at the new vision with all
the capabilities and all the energy that we possess and of which we can

Thank you, President Obama, thank you, Harvey...now, let's get to work!