Become a CMO...Chief Motivating Officer

Motivate Like a CEO...I love the title of the book that came across my desk recently, written by my colleague Suzanne Bates, but I was a bit skeptical as how this book would be relevant to folks outside of the corner office. However, as soon as I began to read Motivate Like a CEO, I realized that Suzanne's message is universal to anyone who needs to communicate and motivate a team to be more effective, productive, and creative. Communicating a strong sense of purpose, connection and shared goals creates an environment for inviting change and growth; qualities necessary in education, health care, business, politics, and life. For those in health care, think of how helpful it would be to be a more effective motivator and communicator with patients and families; helping to change behavior and lifestyle. For those in education, imagine the positive impact of inspiring students to work toward common goals. The opportunities to use these strategies are numerous and extend much farther than the traditional corner office. Motivate Like a CEO is clearly written and filled with strategies for becoming a CMO...Chief Motivating Officer. A must read for any leader or potential leader!

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