More Good News About Meditation

The news about meditation just keeps getting better!  In a recent study by UCLA neuroimaging researchers suggest that people who meditate have stronger connections between brain regions and show less age-related brain atrophy. The benefit of having stronger brain connections is the rapid relay of the electrical signals in the brain which typically decreases with age.

Eileen Luders, a visiting assistant professor at the UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, led a team of investigators in the study using a new type of brain imaging (DTI) which provides insight into the structural connectivity of the brain. The study found that the differences between the meditators and the control group were not only in one area of the brain but involved networks that include most regions of the brain, and structures such as the limbic system and brain stem.
"Our results suggest that long-term meditators have white-matter fibers that are either more numerous, more dense or more insulated throughout the brain," Luders said. "We also found that the normal age-related decline of white-matter tissue is considerably reduced in active meditation practitioners."

To read more about this study, click here for the UCLA press release