Request for Research Help from Health Bloggers

Do you or does someone you know blog about their chronic illness? Lisa Gualtieri, PhD and I are interested in the motivation of why people choose to start and maintain a health blog for a research survey we are conducting. Can you help us out by answering the questions below or forwarding them on to health bloggers you may know? We appreciate any help you can provide us! Feel free to send emails directly to us at: or or post your answers in the comment section below.

We are researching why people choose to start and maintain a blog about a health condistion and would appreciate your answers to these questions:

When and why did you start your blog?

What do you see at the primary reason(s) you continue blogging?

How often do you typically post?

What types of feedback do you receive? How many comments do you typically get to each post?

Do you know how many unique visitors you have during a particular time period (say 2009)?

Do you do anything to promote your blog or attract new readers?

Do you use your real name in your blog?

Do you read other blogs by people with health issues and, if so, which and why?

Have you shown your blog to your doctor or other healthcare professional?