Tips for Holiday Mindfulness



Lower the bar --  Do you really need to be on Pinterest?

 Practice the fine art of saying “no” -- It really is in our control!

Find a source of renewal amid the busyness --  For every hour that you spend on holiday tasks, take at least one to three minutes for renewal and centering.  This could be gentle stretching, mindful meditation, or simply resting.

 Embrace Wabi Sabi — The Japanese aesthetic of finding the beauty and wholeness in imperfection. What a concept!

 Prioritize Tasks -- Write down everything you feel you must do, and then eliminate one or two items from the list.  Review your list periodically and see if you can eliminate other non-essential items.

Acknowledge what you DID get done, and not what you didn’t.

Delegate -- Allow others to participate in the preparation – true, you need to give up control over the outcome…can you live with that?

Let go of expectations – your own expectations and expectations from others.

“De-tribe” –  Take a mental and physical  mini-vacation away from your “tribe”.  This could be a walk by yourself in nature, a soak in the tub, disappearing for an hour with a good book and a cup of tea.  By consciously cultivating times of solitude, you will be more present with others when you return.

Remember to breathe – mindfully observe your breath