Tips for Mindful Studying

  • Begin any study session with at least one nurturing, self-care activity.
  • What is a centering activity you can nurture yourself with?
  • Try a “belly breath”, meditation, mindful snack.


  • Notice what you don’t understand in the material to be studied. 
  • Mark these areas. 
  • Keep focus on manageable units to study (not the all the material at once)


  • After studying the material:
  •  STOP (Stop, Take a Breath, Observe, Proceed)
  • Recall what you have learned and put it into your own words


  • Summarize the material.
  • Go back to what you did not understand and reconsider the information.
  • Contact external expert sources (e.g., other books or an instructor) if you still cannot understand it


  •  Expand your knowledge of the material, by asking these questions of yourself:
    • If I could speak to the author, what questions would I ask or what criticism would I offer?
    • How could I apply this material to what I am interested in?
    • How could I make this information interesting and understandable to other students?


  • Seek out another student who you can support and co-mentor in your studies.
  • Remember to support yourself with nurturing, self-care strategies.

Adapted from Hayes, John R., The Complete Problem Solver, Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers, Hillsdale, NJ: 1989.  ISBN: 0805803092